Here are questions from real customers. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us at info@farkaseyeblack.com.


1.    "Where is it most advantageous to apply eye black? i.e.: around the eye, cheekbone, down a tear line (like a cheetah), What shape provides the most reflective properties?" - Peter C.

    • "The optimal placement is along the cheekbone under the eye.  Studies have found this placement prevents reflected light from enteting into the pupil of the eye.  Therefore, the eye black acts like polarized sunglasses (reducing reflected light from entering into the eye."

                        - Dr. Brian M. DeBroff, MD, FACS, Ophthalmologist, Yale Medical School

2.    What is the best way to apply Farkas Eye Black?

    • Many athletes who use Farkas Eye Black prefer applying it to their face directly with their fingers.
    • However, some athletes have told us that they use a piece of paper towel to apply Farkas Eye Black along the cheekbone under the eye.
      • To do the paper towel method: Roll a piece of towel to finger size. Apply desired amount of eye black to paper towel by pressing it in the product. Then apply product to face.

                                - Tim Shaw, Linebacker, Tennessee Titans

3.    What's the best way to remove Farkas Eye Black?

    • While Farkas Eye Black is made for the serious athlete and designed to stay on throughout competition, we understand that at some point it may need to come off. According to Farkas Eye Black's doctors and scientists here's the best way to remove Farkas Eye Black:
      • Remove as many layers of eye black as possible with a dry towel.
      • Switch to a wet towel, with hand soap, and wash off the rest of the eye black. 
      • Wash face with water.
      • Look in the mirror and be proud of what you see.

                                - Neil Thanedar, President of Avomeen Analytical Services (avomeen.com)

4.    Will Farkas Eye Black wash out of jerseys?

    • Yes. In fact, here is an excerpt from an unsolicited email:
      • "Our Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse teams both use Farkas Eye Black and love it. The players like the ability to use their fingers to create their own designs for games. I like it because of its ease to wash out of our uniforms after games. We look forward to the continued use of your product in the future."

                                - Jay Bissette, Equipment Manager, Duke University

5.  How do I enter this custom information on the order page when there is only a one-line window on the ordering page? - Mike V.

    • As the custom tin examples show, we can have a team name above the Farkas logo and then the player’s name and jersey # below the Farkas logo or vice versa. 
      • Enter in your text in the one line window as if it were a note to us.  We review every order before we engrave it. 
        • Include " " around the text you want.
        • For example, you can write the following note: Above the logo "TEXT YOU WANT ABOVE THE LOGO" below the logo "TEXT YOU WANT BELOW THE LOGO"