Inside the Tin

We believe that success comes to those that define it, and pursue it vigorously with passion.  Whatever you do in life; on or off the field, do it with Passion.

Make the tin your own or encourage your players to make the tin their own. Place a piece of athletic tape on the inside of the tin to write a goal or a quote with a Sharpie.  The logic is simple; it is usually the last thing you or your players will read before taking the field on game day.

Quotes for Inside the Tin:

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State Championship

National Championship

You never fail until you stop trying

Do it better than it’s ever been done before

How good do you want to be?

Never, never give up

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender

Be the best that you can be

Commitment to excellence

Do things right the first time

The price of greatness is responsibility

Believe it

Whatever it takes

I think I can

Count on me

Pain is temporary – Victory is forever


Ever to excel

Character, Discipline, Team, Tradition

Unity is Strength

Keep fighting

Carpé Diem

Stay Strong

The Power of Teamwork

Attitude is Everything

Uphold the Tradition

Together We Stand

We Can Do It

Victory Begins in the Heart

Make a Difference

As You Believe, So You Become

Preparing to be the Best


Stay Strong

Anything is Possible

Never Give Up

What the mind can conceive the body can achieve