Gary Gigot
 is a Seattle based, private investor.  He has experience in advertising via Ogilvy and Mather and is a former VP of Marketing for Microsoft and Visio Corporation.  His experience spans software marketing, venture capital, advertising and angel investing.  He currently is a Board Member with Sesame Corporation and Symetra Mutual Funds.  His investment focus is on companies identifying a new category (like business diagramming with Visio) or creating market success with strong brand development and strategy.  Gigot was an early seed investor in Farkas Eye Black and serves as a marketing advisor to the company.  The University of Notre Dame's Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship is named after him. 


Brian Rooney
 is on the Board of Directors for the NFL's 6-time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers that his family has owned since 1933. As of member of Art Rooney's family, Brian, literally grew up in the NFL.  He has also served our country courageously as an officer in the USMC and is currently a Major in the reserves. Among his many accomplishments, Major Rooney has been awarded three prestigious medals from the Secretary of the Navy. While deployed in Iraq, he helped rebuild cities and win the hearts and minds of Iraqi citizens. After resigning his commission for the Marine Corps in October, 2006 and receiving an honorable discharge.  Rooney was a seed investor for Farkas Eye Black and continues to serve as a business consultant.

Dr. Brian DeBroff M.D.
, a Yale Ophthalmologist, was instrumental in developing Farkas Eye Black into the best eye product on the market. His research, as reported in a 2002 Yale School of Medicine study, found eye black grease to be more than just psychological war paint and more effective than stickers. Dr. Debroff was a seed investor in Farkas Eye Black and also serves on the Board of Directors of Prince Professional Inc, Eye Surgery Associates LLC, and KDM Holdings LLC. In 2000, he completed an Executive Management Program at the Yale University School of Business. Read More.

Jeff Faine
, former NFL center, serves as a key advisor to Farkas Eye Black ensuring that the product continually exceeds the expectations of today’s top athletes. He assists Farkas Eye Black with building key relationships and developing brand recognition. In 2003, Jeff graduated from the University of Notre Dame where he also played football. He went on to play 10 years in the NFL.